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Answer FAQs about applying for a work visa in Hong Kong

360-degree analysis of the appropriate employment visa for you

One-to-one effective and professional HR advice tailored to your employment needs

Successful Clients

HK Work Visa Application Flow

Collect Documents

Submit Documents

Wait for Approval

Document Delivery

Case Analysis

Understand and analyse clients' needs, design the most suitable case for them.

Collect required documents from clients according to guidelines from the Immigration Department. 

Upon collecting all the documents, we'll help you submit the application within 2 weeks.

After application, wait for processing of the Immigration Department. 

Deliver approved documents to our clients once the Immigration Department confirms.

Maintain contact with the Immigration Department and submit new documents if needed.

Track and follow-up the progress of the application regularly.


Review Process

According to enterprise's diverse staffing requirements, we can assist in applying for working visa, handling filing work, holiday clearance, and more customised HR work for you.

Our HR Outsourcing Services

Not only recruitment for permanent or part-time staff, but also handling payroll, MPF calculation, taxation, roster planning and labour insurance for you.

Following our clients' job openings, we will understand their needs in order to recruit high quality and responsible candidates with related professional skills.

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40+ Years of HR Experience

Serviced Over 1000+ Enterprises

Utilizing the Latest HR Technology Stack

Growing with Our Customers

We establish a close feedback loop with all our clients. This is how we grow with you.

We utilize the most advanced cloud services in the market to help us provide fast, safe, and reliable services.

We utilize the most advanced cloud services in the market to help us provide fast, safe, and reliable services.

We will have a senior consultant follow up with each client to ensure that all processes comply with Hong Kong policy and regulations.

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